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Mushroom season in the San Juan Mountains

Southwest Colorado is a mix of high desert and mountains.  It is generally arid, though winters can be snowy and summer monsoons can bring sudden, soaking rains

If the monsoon is good, dozens of varieties of mushrooms will pop up in the San Juan mountains in late summer.  Some mushrooms will still be around after the first snow, but the peak of the season lasts from mid-August through early September.

During mushroom season, you’ll see huge patches of Amanita muscaria, and king bolete (or porcino) mushrooms as big as a plate, along with puffballs, chanterelles, and so many more.

Permits are required to take more than three pounds of mushrooms from the national forest, but the cost is nominal.  And looking is free.


This is an entry for The American Guide.

More about collecting forest products in San Juan National Forest here.

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